Happy Midsummer’s Eve!


We’ve Got a Pound of Smoked Shrimp, It’s Dark and We’re Wearing Sunglasses…

The James Beard Foundation sure knows how to pick ‘em.  The annual induction of the 2010 American Classics restaurants is hands-down my favorite part of the James Beard festivities and inspires me to plan creative travel routes for the year ahead.  How can I travel from Brooklyn to Los Angeles with a layover in Albuquerque to go to Mary & Tito’s Café, consume a lot of pastrami at Langer’s and return to a homecoming pie at Totonno’s, but only after a pit stop at Weaver D’s in Athens?  If there is a will (and a bank of frequent flyer miles and carefully rationed vacation days), there is a way. Read the rest of this entry »

Marea, Chang, Levine and Moonen, $100 to Win (2010 James Beard Awards)

When paired with the more intense hurricanes and seemingly unusual number of earthquakes of late, I perceive “Big Daddy” Aaron McCargo, Jr.’s peripheral involvement in a 2010 James Beard Award nomination as an indication of the end of days.  Only in America can a semi-coherent hospital cook catering kitchen chef at a hospital and 700 Club guest win a reality show that spawned a cooking show that spawned this “Back to School” “treat”… Read the rest of this entry »

F.I.S.P. – Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The Best Thing I Ever Ate” Editor Unemployment Rate Suddenly Increases…

Contrary to national job market trends, the unemployment rate for the editorial team of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” suddenly increased this week:

[POM] Move Over, Tap Water…


Look.  I am not denying that New York has high-quality tap water.  The water’s source runs by gravity, is a largely environmentally-sound operation and is cheap.   It is filtered naturally during its upstate-to-downstate travels and picks-up some tasty natural mineral hitchhikers along the way.  From Telepan to Ninth Street Espresso to Del Posto to Applewood to Marlow and Sons, tap water is as highly-regarded as “still” water as imported, bottled spring water.  And, speaking of bottled, this genius sells NYC tap water.  Bottled.  The difference that NYC tap water makes to New York-style pizza and pasta dough , though, is indisputable to the point that out-of-state pizzerias have been known to import New York tap water, so why not sell some for people to experiment with and make their own at-home conclusions? 



So, what’s my point?  

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“Talk to the Hand” Is Dead.

Thanks to this man.

Hero to Mycologists and Mathematicians Alike...

Hero to Mycologists and Mathematicians Everywhere

Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your half-baked axioms and Golden Chanterelle frittatas for a toast.  A toast to Mr. Grigory Perelman of St. Petersburg, Russia, THE MAN who found the solution to Henri Poincaré’s theorem known as “Poincaré’s Conjecture”, THE MYTH who quit researching as a member of the international mathematics community in disgust four years ago, is jobless, allegedly owns a cockroach-ridden flat but lives with his mother and sister and has refused the Clay Mathematics Institute’s $1,000,000 prize for his findings, and, THE LEGEND who refused a journalist’s mobile phone request for a statement by declaring:

“You are disturbing me. I am picking mushrooms.”

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