Everyone To Cala Montjoi STAT!

And, wouldn’t you know it, I was just craving Tomato Sopa with Virtual Ham this morning.  Argh.

Two-Year Hiatus for El Bulli

Of course, Ms. “Food-in-China-Is-Wonderful-Because-It-Is-Ingredient-Based” (versus all other cuisines) had to weigh in (in her own unrivaled way):

How witty!  How insightful!  How delightful!  Give this woman a magazine!  Oh, wait…

Darling, what exactly were you doing at Madrid Fusion?  Working catering?

Would you like another churro?

Speaking of people who liberally season their conversations with the word “darling”:

Am I the only one deeply disturbed that Grand Dame Greene not only knows of the existence of Twitter, but also typed “sez”?  Even her hats are a tad dismayed…


Final reservations for the 2011 season will open in September of 2010.  The staffs of both El Bulli and the elBullitaller workshop in Barcelona will remain employed after closing, though, as the crew will  be researching and compiling their 30 years of technique into an El Bulli encyclopedia.  Also, Chef Adria will be teaching at The Basque Culinary Institute.  Frankly, despite the “hiatus” declarations, I have a bad feeling that this is the end.

Our headstone is forged from frozen foie gras and deconstructed line-caught anchovy and is filled with Manchego air.

At least we still have Inopia, which, alone, is well-worth the flight to Barcelona.

And yes, Toby Young, it is pronounced “Barthelona”.  Ponder that over your bowl of pie-illa.



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