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Move Over, Kwanzaa Cake…

And now, the award for the Most Disturbing Food Network Recipe for 2010 goes to:  Oh, goodness, this is a surprise.  A dark horse.  I didn’t see this coming, especially this early in the year.  I’m sorry, I just have to gain my composure here.  Ladies and gentlemen, the award goes to ELLIE KRIEGER for SLOPPY JOES!  Come on down, Ellie Krieger of “Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger“? Read the rest of this entry »


As If We Didn’t Already Love Toast Enough…

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Dear Mr. Wes Anderson…

Hi from Brooklyn!  So, this is a little awkward, but were you filming on the Queens-bound V train this morning between 34th and Fifth Avenue?  If you weren’t, would you care to explain the following?  Exhibit A:  40’ish male wearing a purple faux fur coat with a live parrot atop left shoulder.  Exhibit B:  Presumably homeless, train-dwelling man wearing a kilt asleep beside a Food City grocery cart overflowing with collected plastic flowers.  Exhibit C:  A group of 15 year-old Read the rest of this entry »

It’s No “Headless Body in Topless Bar”…

…”Axis of Weasel”, “Stray-Rod”, “She Was Nice To Me, Then I Kicked Her Off The Roof”, “Honey, I Blew Up The House”, “Holy Shiite”, “Body Found in Graveyard”, “Under Mouse Arrest” or “Great Balls of Fire”, but, somehow, I ended up in today’s New York Post:

Will Brooklynite Pass Torch In National Cooking Contest?

Wait.  Is “Pass Torch” a double entendre?  I sure hope so.

[POM] POM Wonderful Rocks!

Some days are full of little surprises, aren’t they?  For example:

(1) Someone finally became fed-up with the gigantic piece of synthetic marble that has been abandoned against a tree on 79th Street and ignored by the Sanitation Department for at least four months.

(2) A new rack of Cosby sweaters arrived at Century 21’s Brooklyn location.

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Why Octopus May Never Be As Popular As Pasta in the United States…

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Top 20 Kitchen Albums of 2009…

1. Circulatory System–Signal Morning (Most Memorable Dish:  Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread with Olives, Lemon and Sesame)

2. Built to Spill–There Is No Enemy (Most Memorable Dish:  Spanish Line-Caught Tuna, Chickpea and Smoked Onion Salad)

3. The Rural Alberta Advantage–Hometowns (Most Memorable Dish:  Cornbread)

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