Endive, You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light…

I learned something while watching Melissa d’Arabian’s $10 Dinners “Football Fiesta” episode.  Mrs. d’Arabian (who possesses more charm in her little finger than Ask Aida does in her entire soulless shell of a body) offered some curious advice along with her Super Bowl Sunday black bean hummus recipe:             

"And I'm using little iceberg lettuce wedges around the side as a little scoop. There we go. Just take it, scoop it, roll it up. Inexpensive and beautiful and good for you. Mmm. Perfect balance of the white wine vinegar, and the lemon and the garlic and this hummus is just a little over $1.50 including the lettuce. And, if you ever get the endive, those also make great little scoops, really pretty, natural, good for you. But those you have to get on sale, because those can be a little bit expensive if you don’t get them on sale.”


 “THE ENDIVE”?  ON SALE?          

If you have to ask, you can't afford us...


 But maybe The d’Arabian knows something we don’t.  Some top secret location where endive IS on sale.  Do you think Melissa has been trawling fruit market in Hunts Point lately?               

Hi, honey! You looking for some flavor tonight? Yeah, I'm reasonable. $10 a nibble, $25 a bite and $75 a whole leaf. Meet me around the corner in ten and flash your brights three times.


“On Sale” indeed!  But, watch out.  Even at those (negotiable) rates, you need to show some respect.  Because if you disrespect endive, you might have some serious trouble and no one can hear you scream in Fort Apache.               

We are Young/Vinaigrette to Roasting, We Stand/No Promises, No Demands/Both of Us Know It/Lovage's a Battlefield


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