Joey Chestnut, Have I Got a Treat for You…

Not since last year’s The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill exhibit…          


  …have I seen a hot dog quite so equally whimsical and terrifying.   

Until now.        

As I am uncertain as to which of the below non-Banksy images is the most disturbing (it’s hard to beat a full-sized axe beside a hotdog, but the semi-ritualistic family feeding frenzy is a tough competitor), I shall bless you with all the generously shared images from the gloriously disburbing consumer website,       

The Big Hot Dog.


The Big Hot Dog (Alternate View)


If You Need an Axe, That's a Big Hot Dog.


Big Hot Dog with a Different Axe (and Insight as to the Target Audience of The Big Hot Dog)...


 But that’s enough from me.  How about some actual Big Hot Dog customer testimonials?  (NOTE:  Foffee in the Afternoon does not condone encased meat-related domestic violence, illicit drug abuse, Big Hot Dog poaching, underage Big Hot Dog relations, or eating two Big Hot Dogs after your overnight shift at a country-formatted community radio station.)    




After these brave individuals viewed and (presumably) consumed The Big Hot Dog, wouldn’t you imagine that they would be suspended in a hallucinogenic haze to the degree that anything and everyone, for at least a 24 hour period, would appear as a hot dog?        













  Jim wrote @

So cool. A girl who can cook and is cute and make me laugh at the same time. Why don’t you live in Philly? Love Banksy by the way. No one really went to that show either.

  Arilynn Jane wrote @

Gotta love the Banksy! Awesome post. Your pomegranate mustard recipe is insane. Delicious but insane because who pulls out all those seeds to make a mustard? I made it of course and it rocks but, still insane. My friend told me to start reading this and your awesome. What bands do you like? I have a feeling we’re on the same page here.

  Raj wrote @

Raj here! That hot dog scares me as much as living in Park Slope. My roomie met you last year when he interviewed you and now we’re following the blog. Long time coming, girlie! Keep it up!

  Deanna wrote @

Hi, Erin! Very cool. I can’t wait for the Top Chef recaps to come back! Let us know when they start.

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