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Marea, Chang, Levine and Moonen, $100 to Win (2010 James Beard Awards)

When paired with the more intense hurricanes and seemingly unusual number of earthquakes of late, I perceive “Big Daddy” Aaron McCargo, Jr.’s peripheral involvement in a 2010 James Beard Award nomination as an indication of the end of days.  Only in America can a semi-coherent hospital cook catering kitchen chef at a hospital and 700 Club guest win a reality show that spawned a cooking show that spawned this “Back to School” “treat”… Read the rest of this entry »


F.I.S.P. – Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The Best Thing I Ever Ate” Editor Unemployment Rate Suddenly Increases…

Contrary to national job market trends, the unemployment rate for the editorial team of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” suddenly increased this week:

[POM] Move Over, Tap Water…


Look.  I am not denying that New York has high-quality tap water.  The water’s source runs by gravity, is a largely environmentally-sound operation and is cheap.   It is filtered naturally during its upstate-to-downstate travels and picks-up some tasty natural mineral hitchhikers along the way.  From Telepan to Ninth Street Espresso to Del Posto to Applewood to Marlow and Sons, tap water is as highly-regarded as “still” water as imported, bottled spring water.  And, speaking of bottled, this genius sells NYC tap water.  Bottled.  The difference that NYC tap water makes to New York-style pizza and pasta dough , though, is indisputable to the point that out-of-state pizzerias have been known to import New York tap water, so why not sell some for people to experiment with and make their own at-home conclusions? 



So, what’s my point?  

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