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It’s No “Headless Body in Topless Bar”…

…”Axis of Weasel”, “Stray-Rod”, “She Was Nice To Me, Then I Kicked Her Off The Roof”, “Honey, I Blew Up The House”, “Holy Shiite”, “Body Found in Graveyard”, “Under Mouse Arrest” or “Great Balls of Fire”, but, somehow, I ended up in today’s New York Post:

Will Brooklynite Pass Torch In National Cooking Contest?

Wait.  Is “Pass Torch” a double entendre?  I sure hope so.


[POM] POM Wonderful Rocks!

Some days are full of little surprises, aren’t they?  For example:

(1) Someone finally became fed-up with the gigantic piece of synthetic marble that has been abandoned against a tree on 79th Street and ignored by the Sanitation Department for at least four months.

(2) A new rack of Cosby sweaters arrived at Century 21’s Brooklyn location.

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