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F.I.S.P. – Buenos Aires, Argentina


F.I.S.P. – Alien Blueberry Attack! (Orsa, Sweden)

Near Bear Park in Sweden…

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Joey Chestnut, Have I Got a Treat for You…

Not since last year’s The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill exhibit…          


  …have I seen a hot dog quite so equally whimsical and terrifying.   

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F.I.S.P. – Neither Paper, Plastic Nor Glass (Outside Bar Inopia, Barcelona, Spain)…

F.I.S.P. – No fries, chips! No Pepsi, Coke!

F.I.S.P. – Unfortunately Placed NY Daily News Graphic (February 3, 2010 Issue)

F.I.S.P. – Radisson SAS Hotel at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

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