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We’ve Got a Pound of Smoked Shrimp, It’s Dark and We’re Wearing Sunglasses…

The James Beard Foundation sure knows how to pick ‘em.  The annual induction of the 2010 American Classics restaurants is hands-down my favorite part of the James Beard festivities and inspires me to plan creative travel routes for the year ahead.  How can I travel from Brooklyn to Los Angeles with a layover in Albuquerque to go to Mary & Tito’s Café, consume a lot of pastrami at Langer’s and return to a homecoming pie at Totonno’s, but only after a pit stop at Weaver D’s in Athens?  If there is a will (and a bank of frequent flyer miles and carefully rationed vacation days), there is a way. Read the rest of this entry »


Marea, Chang, Levine and Moonen, $100 to Win (2010 James Beard Awards)

When paired with the more intense hurricanes and seemingly unusual number of earthquakes of late, I perceive “Big Daddy” Aaron McCargo, Jr.’s peripheral involvement in a 2010 James Beard Award nomination as an indication of the end of days.  Only in America can a semi-coherent hospital cook catering kitchen chef at a hospital and 700 Club guest win a reality show that spawned a cooking show that spawned this “Back to School” “treat”… Read the rest of this entry »

UPDATE: Everyone to Cala Montjoi Yesterday…

Oh, Ferran, how you toy with us.  Now, you are closing for good in 2011?  We’ll see.  In the interim, the former Japanese-Tex Mex brothel space across the street is still available.  El Bulli Bay Ridge?  Just think of the waiting list from Shaolin

Yo, Ferran, no disrespect, bro, but can you pick it up on the squid tagliatelle with poached "egg" and virtuals hams? We've gots to tan before we heads over to Level Cafe...

Everyone To Cala Montjoi STAT!

And, wouldn’t you know it, I was just craving Tomato Sopa with Virtual Ham this morning.  Argh.

Two-Year Hiatus for El Bulli

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Really Bad Restaurant or Really Bad Brothel?

The now-defunct Sunflower Restaurant…or Sunflower Brothel?

Pleasant enough building. Busy stretch of 5th Avenue. I can't imagine why it failed?

Oh. That might have something to do with it.

Something for everyone...

Viva la Dragon Roll!

Deep in the heart of Red Island!

Would Andrew W.K. order "Party C"?

Or "Party D"?

Door No. 1...

Door No. 2...

Door No. 3...

Sunflower sure did have a lot of doors. What exactly WAS going on behind them?

Hmm. That is an interesting menu item. But what does the little girl have to do with it?

Wait. What is that "menu item" called?

Oh my GOD! It WAS a brothel!

Or the best damn wage-garnishing Tex-Mex sushi that Bay Ridge ever had...