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UPDATE: Everyone to Cala Montjoi Yesterday…

Oh, Ferran, how you toy with us.  Now, you are closing for good in 2011?  We’ll see.  In the interim, the former Japanese-Tex Mex brothel space across the street is still available.  El Bulli Bay Ridge?  Just think of the waiting list from Shaolin

Yo, Ferran, no disrespect, bro, but can you pick it up on the squid tagliatelle with poached "egg" and virtuals hams? We've gots to tan before we heads over to Level Cafe...


Everyone To Cala Montjoi STAT!

And, wouldn’t you know it, I was just craving Tomato Sopa with Virtual Ham this morning.  Argh.

Two-Year Hiatus for El Bulli

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