Who’s Dan Eaton Annoying Today? (W.-D.E.A.T.?)

Dan Eaton

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Dan Eaton terrorizes thousands of people each week with his widely-syndicated cooking show, “Cooking at Home with Dan Eaton.”  You don’t live in an area that carries “Cooking at Home with Dan Eaton”?  Do you know of a large, reasonably-priced, pet-friendly apartment available in your neighborhood?  “W.-D.E.A.T.?” is a feature that highlights those who would take particular offense to Dan Eaton’s horrifying creations.  Because though he offends us all, he is particularly pissing-off someone.  And, he has a band.


You can watch Chef Dan Eaton’s “Cooking at Home” segment every three hours beginning at 7:24 a.m. seven days a week.  Dan joined YNN Rochester in March 2005.

Dan spent his early years on a dairy farm in Vermont where he developed a fondness for foods “straight from the land.” Cooking seasonally was more of a necessity then, but Dan still finds local ingredients, in season, a driving force behind his menu creations.

After resettling in upstate New York, Dan attended Alfred State College. There, he was exposed to ceramics through the world-renowned art department at Alfred University. Making pottery became a favorite passion that continues today. In fact, some of the plates and bowls seen on Cooking at Home segments are original, handmade pieces!

After college, Dan moved to Rochester and began apprenticing at local upscale restaurants. Dan considers himself a self-taught chef and has worked at and commanded the stoves at some of the city’s top restaurants. These include the Rochester Club, Rooney’s, 2-Vine, the Rio Bamba, tonic, Pearl and Max of Eastman Place.

Over the course of a 20-year culinary career, Dan has had the opportunity for intensive stints with some of the country’s most well-known chefs. These include David Bouley in N.Y.C, Richard Reddington in Napa Valley, California, and a short turn through Thomas Keller’s French Laundry, also in Napa Valley. Additionally, in December 2003, Dan was invited by the French Culinary Institute to cook at the renowned James Beard House in N.Y.C.

Dan is married and has two children and is excited to balance home life and the world of food with “Cooking at Home” on YNN.

Another passion of Dan’s is writing and playing original acoustic pop/rock music. “The Dan Eaton Band” plays out regularly in the Rochester area.



  Matt Bevington wrote @

That is really, really funny!

  dave wrote @

dan is a great guy. ive known him for years.

  Anonymous wrote @

reminds me of scott

  Emmdubs wrote @

Do you mean Chef Scott who would cook low end junk in his mobile home? Any info on that guy available?

  Anonymous wrote @

In life, Dan is the farthest guy from annoying possible…you would want to hang out with him in any setting. And, having eaten his food it’s great!
Low tech rocks.

  Virginia Wiggins wrote @

I don’t understand why people are just plain hateful. I really enjoy watching Dan Eaton’s cooking segments. The food looks delicious and easy to prepare. I found all of these awful comments while searching to see if he had a cookbook published. The segments last about 3 minutes, either change your television channel or turn the damn thing off, leave Dan alone!

  Cherie wrote @

Dan Eaton Rocks! More Ways than One! Would love to get his cookbook!

  annoyed in nyc wrote @

Dan really MUST stop his newly acquired habit of pronouncing his name “Eat-TON”. He started this about a year and a half ago. It’s beyond annoying, and makes it obvious he doesn’t like that his last name sounds like “Eatin'”. Give it a break, dude. You cook food for a living! Be happy your name sounds like what you hope your audience will do with that food.

  david wrote @

You’re an asshole! Why would you say something like that about someone bringing joy to peoples lives? You should be ashamed you selfish prick! YOU’RE ANNOYING AND AN ASSHOLE

  Ron wrote @

dan eaton haunts my dreams

  momasdfs@ssss.com wrote @

Dan should only use white plates. There’s nothing more unappetizing than seeing food on a yellow or red plate unless it’s been touched by a food stylist. And his delivery could be better. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but there’s room for improvement on his segment. THIS IS NYC.

  tony the pitiful copywriter wrote @

What is wrong with you? He is the calmest voice on my TWC channel and the internet. Leave him alone or f**k off!

  Anonymous wrote @

Lots of crazies on here. I love Dan’s recipes. Haven’t tried one that failed. Who cares what color the plates are. Get your own show!

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