About Ye Olde Kitchen Apparitions (Y.O.K.A.)

You thought they were gone.  You thought they were forgotten.  You thought they would never find you.  You.  Were.  Wrong.

Ye Olde Kitchen Apparitions (Y.O.K.A.) is a feature reaching deep into that cookbook shelf that is just a little darker, a little dustier, a little damper and a little deadlier than the others.  Be afraid.

Every so often, though, a neglected, forelorn recipe reveals itself to be truly tasty, despite copious amounts of prepared cream soups, molasses, Accent and pineapple, and sometimes even BETTER than its contemporary, evolved version.  This is our laboratory in which we together will attempt to find such inexplicable, departed wonders.

As inspired, a cookbook will be selected, along with a variety of edited selections that you, the reader and the holder of my, my boyfriend’s, my cats’ and my kitchen’s fate, will vote upon to determine which one I will prepare.  A revolving panel of taste-testers will provide their unadulterated opinions and a report will be filed as to whether or not we should embrace, tolerate or exorcise the recipe.


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