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[POM] Move Over, Tap Water…


Look.  I am not denying that New York has high-quality tap water.  The water’s source runs by gravity, is a largely environmentally-sound operation and is cheap.   It is filtered naturally during its upstate-to-downstate travels and picks-up some tasty natural mineral hitchhikers along the way.  From Telepan to Ninth Street Espresso to Del Posto to Applewood to Marlow and Sons, tap water is as highly-regarded as “still” water as imported, bottled spring water.  And, speaking of bottled, this genius sells NYC tap water.  Bottled.  The difference that NYC tap water makes to New York-style pizza and pasta dough , though, is indisputable to the point that out-of-state pizzerias have been known to import New York tap water, so why not sell some for people to experiment with and make their own at-home conclusions? 



So, what’s my point?  

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[POM] “Something In the Way She Moves…

…is Like No Other Pomegranate.”  I am not kidding!

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[POM] Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Norwegian…

With the Vancouver Olympics just days away, I have finally come to terms with the fact that most of my friends could care less about the Winter Olympics and I know why:  they’re jealous of Norwegians.  It is the only reason I can logically justify, as who in his right mind doesn’t enjoy sitting for hours on end watching perfectly healthy Scandinavians throwing themselves off perilously steep slopes, blindly speeding feet first down mile long tubes of ice or chasing after pucks with brooms all the while winning record-breaking numbers of medals?  It’s heaven!

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[POM] POM Wonderful Rocks!

Some days are full of little surprises, aren’t they?  For example:

(1) Someone finally became fed-up with the gigantic piece of synthetic marble that has been abandoned against a tree on 79th Street and ignored by the Sanitation Department for at least four months.

(2) A new rack of Cosby sweaters arrived at Century 21’s Brooklyn location.

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