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Joey Chestnut, Have I Got a Treat for You…

Not since last year’s The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill exhibit…          


  …have I seen a hot dog quite so equally whimsical and terrifying.   

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F.I.S.P. – Neither Paper, Plastic Nor Glass (Outside Bar Inopia, Barcelona, Spain)…

UPDATE: Everyone to Cala Montjoi Yesterday…

Oh, Ferran, how you toy with us.  Now, you are closing for good in 2011?  We’ll see.  In the interim, the former Japanese-Tex Mex brothel space across the street is still available.  El Bulli Bay Ridge?  Just think of the waiting list from Shaolin

Yo, Ferran, no disrespect, bro, but can you pick it up on the squid tagliatelle with poached "egg" and virtuals hams? We've gots to tan before we heads over to Level Cafe...

[POM] Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Norwegian…

With the Vancouver Olympics just days away, I have finally come to terms with the fact that most of my friends could care less about the Winter Olympics and I know why:  they’re jealous of Norwegians.  It is the only reason I can logically justify, as who in his right mind doesn’t enjoy sitting for hours on end watching perfectly healthy Scandinavians throwing themselves off perilously steep slopes, blindly speeding feet first down mile long tubes of ice or chasing after pucks with brooms all the while winning record-breaking numbers of medals?  It’s heaven!

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Someone To Eat Cheese With…

Four things are guaranteed in our apartment’s refrigerator at all times:

1)  Unsweetened soy milk;

2)  Bonne Maman jam;

3)  An odd array of half-utilized South Asian condiments; and

4)  Cheese.  Lots and lots of cheese.

Living in New York City not only provides endless, excellent options for cheese procurement, but also allows for easy access to something that, as a non-commercial kitchen consumer (though perhaps we should look into wholesale prices given the amount of cheese we nibble), I couldn’t have dreamed actually existed:


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F.I.S.P. – No fries, chips! No Pepsi, Coke!

F.I.S.P. – Unfortunately Placed NY Daily News Graphic (February 3, 2010 Issue)