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Really Bad Restaurant or Really Bad Brothel?

The now-defunct Sunflower Restaurant…or Sunflower Brothel?

Pleasant enough building. Busy stretch of 5th Avenue. I can't imagine why it failed?

Oh. That might have something to do with it.

Something for everyone...

Viva la Dragon Roll!

Deep in the heart of Red Island!

Would Andrew W.K. order "Party C"?

Or "Party D"?

Door No. 1...

Door No. 2...

Door No. 3...

Sunflower sure did have a lot of doors. What exactly WAS going on behind them?

Hmm. That is an interesting menu item. But what does the little girl have to do with it?

Wait. What is that "menu item" called?

Oh my GOD! It WAS a brothel!

Or the best damn wage-garnishing Tex-Mex sushi that Bay Ridge ever had...


Greatest New York Times Graphic Ever?

As someone who painstakingly researches and proofreads the details of inane and archaic law for 12 hours a work day, my dream job would have been to compile the data for this, perhaps the greatest New York Times graphic ever:

What’s Cooking on Thanksgiving?

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